Is your laundry appliance giving you trouble? A broken laundry appliance can be quite the headache, pressurizing you to lug loads of laundry to the closest Laundromat or spend valuable time washing items in the sink with your hand. If your laundry appliance is on the fritz, you may be in rush to buy a new one. Laundry appliance replacement can be very pricey. If you are looking to save money and time, Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide is your best bet!

Some laundry appliance repairs are simple enough for you to handle it yourself, while others need the expertise of an appliance repair technician. How can you say which repair problems are suitable for a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) job, and which to leave to the professionals? Let us break it down by looking at some of the most common laundry appliance issues:


A leaking laundry appliance often evokes a feeling of panic, and with a good reason. The combination of water, soap, and intricate electrical wiring and digital panels is volatile. And when you add the potential for water damage to floors and surrounding surfaces, you’ve got a recipe for disaster ready. Fortunately, most Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide are easy and cheap to resolve.

The first thing you will want to do is unplug your laundry appliance to ensure your safety. Check the door seals & gaskets for any wear & tear, especially in front-loading laundry appliances. If you witness water leaking from the front of it, it is a clear sign that the door gasket has to be replaced. Most door gaskets can easily be swapped out by the average home owner; just check your manual showcasing the correct part numbers needed for Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide.

If your door seal is in proper condition, or you see water leaking from the back or under the laundry appliance, there is a good chance the leak is starting off from the water inlet hoses placed on the back of the washer. You simply have to tighten the connections between the laundry appliance and the hot & cold hookups, and you’d be good to go. If neither of these solves the problem, your appliance might be overfilling because of a malfunctioning water level sensor. Because of the complex electronic components engaged, Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide should be left to professionals.

Excessive Noise

Does your laundry appliance rattle or thump? Does it shimmy across the laundry room during each & every cycle? The most likely guilty party is an unbalanced drum. Ensure that you are distributing the weight of your laundry throughout the tub evenly. It’s also important to make certain your appliance is level with the floor. You can easily level the washer yourself by adjusting the legs on the bottom of the appliance. You want the washer to be as close to the floor as possible. Positioning the appliance on a rubber-backed carpet can also aid to keep it in place and reduce both the noise of the appliance and the need to carry out Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide.

A loose drum or motor mount might also lead to loud banging sounds when your appliance is running. While it is quite simple to tighten the bolts for the drum & motor mount, it can be quite tricky to access those parts of the appliance. The motor mount is more often than not located under the tub, and you might have to lean the appliance to one side while at the same time supporting the mount to be able to access it. If you are having a tough time getting to this part of the appliance, it may be time to call in your local specialist for carrying out expert Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide. If these minor adjustments do not resolve the issue, you might be in need of a complete motor replacement. Make contact with your local appliance repair company for further information.

Failure to Spin

If your laundry appliance does not spin and is leaving the clothes sopping wet, there could be a good number of issues to blame. As with all the Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide, it is important to unplug your appliance before you begin working on it. The easiest way is to check the belts at the back of the appliance. If the belts are getting stuck on some other component, it could prevent your appliance from spinning properly. With time, the belts might become worn, necessitating replacement. If the belts are intact & moving freely, the lid switch might be at fault. The lid switch is usually located near the door hinge at the top or front of the appliance. To find out whether the lid switch is functioning properly, you have to hold the door open and depress the switch utilizing a pen or a similar object. If the appliance begins to spin normally, the lid switch and plunger are not making proper contact, and probably have to be replaced or fixed through Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide. This should be a trouble-free fix as long as you seek advice from your appliance repair manual for the suitable part numbers and installation directives. Some other issues that can result in failure to spin consist of a motor mounting plate which needs to be replaced or adjusted, a bad clutch, and a worn motor coupling. Addressing these issues needs a lot of work and an in-depth knowledge of the inner working of your laundry appliance. In other words, these Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide should be best left in the hands of the professionals.

Do-it-yourself laundry appliance repairs can save you both time and money, mainly over replacing your appliance. There are some circumstances, however, under which you should contact an appliance repair professional. For case in point, if you are in doubt as to what is causing the trouble, it is best to call in the appliance experts. Your laundry appliance is made of a number of intricate parts, and if you are not sure what you are doing, you have the risk of making the issue worse or creating novel issues. All Laundry Appliance Repairs in Adelaide that require wiring or electrical work should be left to the professionals. In Adelaide hills, appliance service companies are not that difficult to locate. Looking for an appliance repair service company that is ideal for laundry appliance and Cooktop Repairs in Adelaide, contact Trade Focus Appliance Repairs.